Week 3: Review & Look-Ahead

Changes at a modest pace, you might say ...

Y’all, first off, on a technical update of personal exuberance — I finally updated the ActiPanel libraries …

I know, it seems like such a small thing, but it was giving me SO much anxiety … there were things that were breaking, and I had no idea how to fix them. All I knew was that I would have to completely update the version of Vue that I was using; and I thought it would be a huge pain in the butt. Because then I would need to learn a bunch of new stuff for the new version — that was a lie !!!

Granted, I still get some errors because of the processes this new version of Vue uses — I got everything working and I’m so happy about it — now I will focus on keeping everything up-to-date and not waiting 2 years before checking for updates :p

Ok, what else though ..?

The 5Qi Podcast is now live & direct from Anchor.fm

Episode #1: Patty Montoya from Titipoza

Episode #2: Joshua Encarnación from Outco.io

Episode #3: Mara Zapeda from Zebras Unite

Episode #4: Cristina Costa from Women with Purpose

Episode #5: DiViNCi from Studio Sensei

Episode #6: Melinda Briana Epler from Change Catalyst

Episode #7: Julio Ricardo Varela from Latino RebelsPart 1

Episode #8: Julio Ricardo Varela from Latino RebelsPart 2

Goodbye Gumroad !!!

So a few weeks ago the CEO of Gumroad decided to block a few Black woman on Twitter following his request to keep them accountable …

And then the official Gumroad Twitter account declared that they didn’t care, because they were too good to care … and so I decided to close up my account with them.

I didn’t have anywhere to move immediately, but I’d been in similar situations in real-life, so I wasn’t going to feel too bothered by it.

This week I found an alternative cultureclap.itch.io!

I need to confirm a few things, but the platform seem fantastic from the get-go.

Firstly, their primary audience is indie-gamers — there may be some reasons to be concerned, though other research has yielded a high-probability that they are staunch supporters of Black trans-women, and using this as a barometric measure for cultural competency, I’m willing to dive in head-first.

This is just a locale to sell PDFs, I’ll start housing music over at Bandcamp again - with preview tracks available on Soundcloud

Admittedly it does feel good to start feeling like I have all of these platforms falling into a comfortable place.

The Future of 5Qi

That said, making a succinct Season 1 of the 5Qi Podcast was a solid adventure, though I do believe I’m going to start releasing weekly conversations here on out.

I’ve got process to test, though hope to begin recording as soon as next week!

Combined with making these updates as frequent as I can …

I think I’ve got the start of something not-half-bad cookin’.

Last, but not least …

for the fun of a Wednesday evening update, I’ve started to write a new lil’ booklet.

Top 5 Rules to Abolishing White Supremacy & the Ego

  • Rule #5: Forget Your Self

  • Rule #4: Forgive Your Self

  • Rule #3: Be a Student of Your Self

  • Rule #2: Know Your Feelings

  • Rule #1: Be Honest with Your Self

I’ve got a quirky idea about how to structure the content, starting with Rule #2 instead of Rule #1 — it’s an attempt to make some money by creating something with a modicum of value that I can sell on the internets :)

Whatcha think?

Y’all are so wonderful, thank you for takin’ a read!

Peace and power to y’all,

Canin Carlos

Culture Clap is an artist, educator & entrepreneur. He can be reached via Twitter @CultureClap or join the community via Patreon.