THIS WEEK the 5Qi Podcast Arrives

And the Twitchery begins as well ~

Whoa y’all, the past few weeks have been zaney!!!

Like so many folks I’ve just been trying to hold on to what ever I can find which might be stable; often enough only to find out so that so much has been built on unstable foundations.

Though, it’s tough to say I haven’t seen some of this stuff coming, and so, with a bit of patience, might be able to make something of it all …

The 5Qi Podcast is finally ready for publication!!

I’m SO stoked y’all — these conversations were such a blessing to have, and I’m incredibly thankful to be able to share them with y’all as well.

Let’s be honest the reason I wanted to make a podcast is because I like talkin’ to people; conversation is a way to learn about others, the world around us and ourselves.

And the opportunity to have conversations with leaders in their field, is an opportunity to see what one might otherwise not be able to …

The episodes will be released on Thursday afternoon via

Twitch Twitch

I know, it’s owned by Amazon — though it’s also the best venue, at present, for me to conduct the work I seek to do …

I’ve been sitting on a few ideas for a schedule; it’s also a means by which to keep my self accountable — eeks!

I’ve got quite a bit that I’m trying to accomplish, and I’m finally at a place where I feel truly enabled to focus on it all in a holistically productive manner; because my spirit truly is a part of everything that I do, and I don’t know how to conduct myself any other way.

Drug Free is the Way To Be!

It took long enough, but there are reasons; and I still don’t consider marijuana to be a drug — nonetheless, I am 90 days without the substance and runnin’!

I turned, mostly, vegan in the process — just feels healthier.

I messed up a bit the past few days; has some empanadas and papas con carne, pero … that was more out of convenience than desire.

Next is to collect the hair-sample live on Twitch this week, and then send it out for testing. Also need to get the court papers in order; yeehaw!

So yea, that’s how we’ll wrap this update up; and hopeful get back to being a bit more consistent with the updates :)

Hope y’all are able to find some sources for light and laughter throughout the storms.

Peace & Power to y’all,

Culture Clap

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