ScreamFreely 180

Alright, we messed up -- time to start over

It was a non-profit, and that will now be disassembled and funders refunded.

Living and learning … probably one of the biggest failures in my life; over a decade in the making ~

The fact is, is that the product will be better served in commercial markets.

I fought it for too long, admittedly; and Rebel Coding was a last attempt to bridge an imaginary gap. It all needs to be for-profit.

A healthy division of labor

Though ScreamFreely will actually be turned into a B-Corp, focusing on maintaining the application and providing training to trainers.

Rebel Coding will focus educating individuals and growing the curriculum, a partnership between ScreamFreely & DreamFreely, perhaps.

Or solely a product of DreamFreely, built off of ScreamFreely’s product; and simultaneously utilized by ScreamFreely’s trainers, and organizational classes.


Fiscal Refocusing

This also enables me to return to Patreon with a renewed focus.

Patreon is the platform by which I can interact with core group of superfans ~ who are able to be my beta-testers for the applications I create.

Substack remains is free for anyone to subscribe.

I can begin to connect with an audience via platforms which enable transparency and community; while supporting my own ability to pursue this work.

Gathering Water

The aspiration has always been to be able to focus all of my efforts towards a unified aim, optimizing my every effort, maximizing it’s output.

I’m close to having built a structure that allows for this.

For me to share my prose, my music, my code and my poetry; all in an organized and coherent manner.

Each effort composed to connect and let flourish what may, when mutual interests collide.

Leaving dreams to dance between chaos and faith.

Culture Clap is an artist, educator & entrepreneur. The founder of DreamFreely, as well as ScreamFreely, he can be reached via Twitter @CultureClap.