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They say music can't save you, but I have to disagree -- it's medicine to me.

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This is a private SoundCloud scratch track of a song that has been re-recorded and sent off to the producer for mixing.

An updated copy was made available to Patreon supporters last week; along with the contents of this post.

I wanted to make a note of who I am dedicating this song to, the mother of the woman who adopted me - my Grandma Shan, 

I miss you Grandma, but I know you see me from up in heaven; I know you sending me such beautiful melodies ~ thank you.


She never shamed me, never looked at me any differently than her other grandchildren.

She showed me what it means to love, unconditionally.

I remember when I had just turned 19 and my college guidance councilor let me contribute a piece of poetry to his compilation disc.

I was so proud of myself; she was in the hospital at the time, and it was her time to go home - but I was so proud to show her what I'd written -- I was a defiant little shit, but she saw past the cussing and frustration.

She was nurse in Kittson County, a farmer's wife, and so devoted to her church and her community.

And how she loved to sing -- she was so proud of me; and she saw my fear, she saw how lonely I was --- she told me it was all gonna be alright ~ and I was able to trust her, I knew she'd never lie to me.

And I've never let go of the hope she gave me ... she's the only reason I never allowed myself to give way completely to the hatred others seemed so entitled to push me towards ...

This song is for you Grandma Shan ... thank you for showing what it could mean to love unconditionally, no matter one's color, race, creed, gender, sex or dreams.

Thank you for not letting me go - thank you for letting me be the human I am, instead of who others needed me to be.

Thank you for being you

Thank you for the donuts.

Thank you for the caramel rolls.

Thank you for the hugs, the kisses.

Thank you for these tears that fall from my eyes whenever I remember the beautiful memory of your smile, your eyes and your light.

Thank you for encouraging me to chase my dreams to play ...

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