I switched to Substack

Building a manageable online presence, the journey continues.

Y’all have been SO patient with me, and I am so thankful for this.

The search has been to figure out a sustainable method of content creation and output; and I’m still ironing out the kinks.

Though I think I’ve got a working solution going now!

We’ve left MailChimp and are now using SubStack.

The Big Idea!

Let’s be honest, at some point in time I would like to monetize these platforms!

The question is, “How?”

While the requirement is to always have free access as well ~

and what about the website?

Changing Media Terrain

Websites now serve two purposes, they are either an introduction, or a client/user resource.

They serve distinct purposes, but are not longer the primary means of sustained interaction ~ rather they are something to be continually referenced as a source for more information :)

And blog posts are such a pain to write … it’s like a weekly report you have to slog out ~

It’s easier to tweet, or just type a really long email ?

The move to email

It started with MailChimp ~ 1000 free subscribers on the free tier. That’s the best in the industry at present.

With base level access, it provides everything one needs to get started.

You can do things like tag certain subscribers with categories, etc etc

It all got a bit complicated for me … and then ConvertKit came out with a free tier!

Trying to find a balance

Remember how I said I wanted to keep free access ~ but also wanted to monetize?

For those interested in what I have to offer for sale, and the conversations associated with it — y’all can subscribe via ConvertKit

And that keeps this entire platform clean of sales, save links included in pertinent conversations on here!

Additionally, now I have a super cool URL to send people to for consistent updates and newsletter subscription!!!


Content Trajectory

I have so much to talk about honestly, from all of DreamFreely’s projects to getting ScreamFreely running as well!

And I want to share about it all ~

While I’m doing all of this remotely while trying to rebuild relations with a family I’ve never known.

All of my writings are a composite of these experiences swirling about in a maelstrom of moments — my words are my release.

Over time I hope to develop a bit of a coding system

  • DF: DreamFreely

  • SF: ScreamFreely

  • PT: Poetree

and so on …

Though for the time being the best we can hope for is arguably coherent ramblings on whatever the moments decide to deliver.

I’m getting more comfortable with writing, and have quite a bit that I would like to say regarding my experiences.

Both providing reflection for my own growth, and insight hopefully able to help others.

So with that said, off we go — into the wild blue yonder!

Culture Clap is a the founder of DreamFreely, as well as ScreamFreely. He can be reached via Twitter @CultureClap