Hello Monday!!!

Let's all stay safe this week and help each other ~

Hey y’all,

First off, please self-quarantine if you can!

As a planet we are all in this together ~

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It’s difficult not to look back in pain, at all the warnings we had before these ever darker days.

About 19 months ago I was told by a retired executive that he couldn’t solve all of my problems. To which I replied that within the next few years his entire business/political outlook would be rendered a complete mess.

And here we are.

The Cycle Repeats

It is difficult for us to break from the superiority / inferiority complex into which capitalistic individualization has pushed us.

And the organizations around us reflect this struggle as well.

I gotta be honest, these past few weeks I’ve really started trying to put myself out there, and the trend remains frighteningly consistent.

Enthusiasm upfront with lots of promises and no follow through; while later conversations remain disconcertingly condescending.

While many of these self-same people loudly preach conversational acceptance; it is baffling on many levels.

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Dim Tunnels & Lights

And it is easy to get lost in despair; but that’s not the game we can afford to play!

I also had a wonderful conversation with another former-executive last week; while other relationships are being granted space to grow.

And so we introduce ourselves to the daily music selection:

What songs do you listen to for a pick-me-up?

I’m gonna get back to work; might jump on Twitch later.

These updates will likely become more frequent as well; because I want this place to be the primary means of communication with others.

It’s a really comfortable place from which to write.

I hope y’all are able to stay safe ~ self quarantine!!!

Connect with me on Twitter if you need help with anything too;

I’ll do all I can!!!

Light, Laughter & Safety y’all,



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