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Who in their right mind asks to be in solitary confinement?

Hey, how ya doin? Welcome to Culture Clap’s Random Ramblings … which is maybe what I’ll end up calling this from now on …

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Who in their right mind …

Asks to be placed in solitary confinement?

Me, apparently …

It was my 4th time being arrested, I think, maybe my fifth; I can’t remember exactly — save to say it was my last time!

I was tired of this shit — and determined to never go through it again.

Previously, I just went in holding with everyone else, though this time I knew I’d be stuck there for the weekend; and I really didn’t want to have to deal with other people.

So I though I might rest of lorals of what whiteness had been saying my entire life, “I’m bi-polar and need my own cell.”

And I think that might be how I start the next story … whatcha think?

A dear friend, Brady Perl, has been telling me to start writing down my story for quite sometime. I think I might finally be approaching a place in life where I feel comfortable doing so.

Yes, Latino Rebels did allow me to pen a version; though the words were written through the haze of anger, regret and week smoke.

So I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about it all …

I’m thinking to start off with vignettes, though wonder if they ought be written, or perhaps published via podcast.

Nonetheless, there are a few prompts I’ve considered to kick off the project ~ because apparently I always need a new project to be starting.

Covid-19 in Colombia

Not gonna lie, I’m somewhat proud of how our country is handling things, mostly.

Without getting into the negative, the entire county is on lockdown until April 13th. And when I went to the local supermarket today I was confronted with an ingenious sign:

Shopping is only allowed on certain days depending on the last digit of your cedula number. Cedula is like a social security number down here.

The country is hopefully doing alright in flattening the curve; though we all know the numbers are artificially low.

Regardless, everything shutsdown on 5pm here, and it’s likely jailtime if you violate the order.

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SF Update

This past week I received a tweet from the founder and creator of OpenStates.

To me, it’s like Elon Musk saying I built a nice model car; and that he’d like to learn more about my work.

I sent him an email and have received a response; as well I am beginning to put my work into a series Docker containers; so that others might more easily contribute to the projects.

Excitement SO real!!

I hope moments find you well, safe and healthy.

Thanks for reading!

~ Culture Clap

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