Culture Clap Open Update #2

What Tides Are Changing, What About the Undertow ?

I made the personal pledge to maintain open finances in this year; and this is now made easier. I just rebuilt the GNUCash accounts, starting with new opening balances. Yes, entirely easier -

And here is the latest update as of this evening.

I am incredibly stoked, as I am in a position to grow this position; in ways that are at peace with my heart. I’ve got my list of products, I’ve got my methods of transparency, and I’ve got my bases covered.

This last part is truly due to my students, though the work has the opportunity to grow, or stay mellow, as it is. I choose the latter, as I’m comfortable enough to where I can also help others more consistently.

Though, let us return for a moment to the aforementioned product list:

GFM - Land Back

This project has surpassed $1600 shared!!! I am so thankful, as well there have been a few updates. And I’ll start being more consistent about sharing it, looking towards completing this as my birthday present to myself :)

Culture Vault

I took a break from Gumroad, but I’m back; and I’ve got my offerings, again, at peace with my being. The Culture Vault is a one-time $5 lifetime subscription. And you’ll get access to everything as it is released henceforth from your purchase date; with a few added goodies to get ya started.

Rebel Coding Email

This was the other reason for returning to Gumroad, the ease of use with which I can administer this course. The recipient gets 12 emails over 14 days, as an overview of web development, as taught by Rebel Coding. And while the price is listed as $5, there is a discount available to everyone, ‘rebelxcoder’, which makes it free!

Rebel Coding Crash Course

Here’s the big-ticket item, $250USD seats; cohorts of four. The Crash Course consists of eight lectures over four weeks, with each student getting access to five hours of one-on-one coaching. If you know anyone, tell them to fill out the interest form on the frontpage of

The course introduces students to HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Python, as well as the entire full-development stack. It’s a lot of information designed for practical use, composed of hands-on material. I don’t promise expertise, I promise confidence for those just entering, along with the tools to move forward.

Culture Clap Tee-Spring (?!?)

TeeSpring has changed !! But, it still seems alright, so ,moving on … Someone had the idea of turning one of my lyrics into a shirt; so I did that, and then I made some more shirts. While now that everything is happening under the same business umbrella, I’ve decided to add my ScreamFreely & DreamFreely branded apparel here as well ~ whatcha think ?

DF F500

The First 500 is for the monthly supporter, we’ve still got a couple of spots available; though I’m nearing a point where it’s going to be a hard cap of 500. I’m super excited about what’s being built and I really need a solid core to make sure we can make efficient and productive tools. If this you … for as little as $.50 USD per month -

DreamFreely Pre-Seed

And here is the last of the products; access to the DreamFreely Documentation and Roadmap. As well, this will give me notification that the purchaser is interested in further investment conversations. A limited number of this Future Packer are available, with a cost of $250 USD.

Life Updates

I’m entering my third month of safe habitation; there have been some adventures, but I’ve mainly been living a quiet life, and enjoying the opportunity to relax. While navigating the up-and-downs of maintaining a social existence; this is all relatively new for me. I’m not solely having to focus on survival!

Though I’ve still got a fair amount of clean-up to do around the place; I recently purchased a sturdy plastic table, and a few more plastic shelves :) I enjoy the minimal life, and will be going through my possessions tomorrow, as I need to do a bit of shopping but want to make sure I know what I’m after.

As well, I’m returning to my steady diet; I might make larger purchase, soon, to get a smaller pressure cooker. And while I thought of purchasing a fridge, that one will have to wait. Regardless, I feel settled in and ready to really get to work.

Moto Update

The motorcycle has been running well; I still need to update the insurance and technomecanica. I’ll do this soon, though did need to make sure the bike was running well enough to be tested.

Music Update

New songs have been added to the album, making the total 17 tracks, with a run-time of almost a full hour. I don’t foresee any more tracks being added, as the task now is to get the acoustic songs recorded.

Twitch Updates

I’m gettin’ back into the mindset of Live Streaming.

I just did a broadcast while putting together the new GNUCash Account set-up. Next up is to make sure of all of our app versions are up-to-date. And then it will be back to building. There are a few other applications to explore, in terms of documenting and promoting the work.

Slowly gathering the resources for sustained consistency!

In conclusion,

Thank you all so much, y’all are the reason I write these, and the reason I aspire to be more consistent about my output!

And we’re gettin’ there ~ if you dug whatcha read, or dig what I’m doing enough to share it with your networks ~ well, that’d be super cool!

But hot damn, it’s late ~ about 0420 AM when this is finally gettin’ saved ~ oi; class at 11am, time for a nap.