Business Unusual

Seriously though, I’ve got no idea what I’m doing; I’m just able to type really fast … sometimes, not as fast as I think though — hence the occasional typo :/

I’ve got a few projects I’m workin’ on through DreamFreely & ScreamFreely; as a trans-racial adoptee in the process of reunion during an impending apocalypse …

Who knows how this will end?

So let’s at least have some fun and comedy on the way, eh?

About DreamFreely

A people company built around technology.

DreamFreely is a home for commercial products such as Rebel Coding, DigiSnaxx, and more.

The Culture Vault | The Exo-CTO Files | Rebel Coding | idioke

About ScreamFreely

An entry point for civic engagement and technology.

ScreamFreely is the home for community based projects, primarily the *Activist Project which aggregates civic events onto one page free of advertisements and user tracking.

CaActivist | CoActivist | GaActivist | IlActivist | MaActivist | MnActivist | NYActivist | TxActivist | VaActivist | WaActivist

About Culture Clap

I was adopted into an evangelical family. Being an only child, a nuanced and peculiar personality was formed.

Unable to find suitable reflections in the community around me, so I turned to books as a means of escape. Though in following the wishes of the adopted mother, I was soon performing in annual holiday musicals.

While these forms of creativity were acceptable, others were not. Further confined by a community that reinforced norms set in the home, certain energies were suppressed.

Midway thru high school Taoism was introduced, along with the Gnostic Gospels.  Through these books, along with poetry, and music, my mind was able to expand beyond what he had been fed.

After leaving the US, through ScreamFreely & DreamFreely I continue to work towards the empowerment and growth of the community in which I was raised.

Now living out of a backpack, I wander where the wind takes me.

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