Culture Clap Open Update #1

New music, new place and new attitude ... kinda of

In this update we’ll review:

  • New music

  • New Apartment

  • Pre-Seed Funding

  • What 2021 might look like going forward

New Apartment / First Apartment

Quite honestly, this is the first time in my life that I am able to live alone, securely, and able to pay my bills for the foreseeable future; without any roommates or others, in my life.

That security, that comfort …

Early last week there was a disturbance, and I was able to reach out to my mother; should I ever need to bail on a living situation … for the first time in my life … I can always go home.

I can stay with my aunt until I find a place of my own, or whatever … and I have confidence in my ability — I have the support structure around me, to enable me … to do these things if necessary.

This is the first time in my life that my body has been able to feel such a sense of safety … for those unaware, I wrote a piece published in Latino Rebels that can shed some light.

For now though, I have my own place … with windows on three sides … a kitchen, bathroom, shower and TV even. As well, I have the financial security to be able to get my own internet line here !!!

Pre-Seed Funding

To be honest, I’m trying to expedite the process of buying land; and as a matter of fact, I’ve learned of some land that’s for sale. Price tag: $5,000 USD. And for that I’ve actually started a GoFundMe, if you’re interested in chipping in …$1,265 has been shared so far !

I realize that I’ve just found this apartment, though … it doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable from a larger perspective.

While even more recently, I think I’ve finally distilled the primary points for the projects, that should go in the slide decks.

But that’s just the start … a more complete idea is available through the Futures packet; of which there are 100 available.

Raising A Round on Gumroad

There are two other packets available, the Starter, and the Expansion packets; and these will be maintained and updated with information for aspiring founders, builders and creators seeking raise funds for their efforts.

More specific plans are available through the Futures packet.

If you’d like to support my land-buying efforts, though aren’t interested in this stuff, here are a few other links through which you can support the effort:

Tee-Spring | Bandcamp | ArtVault | PayPal | Venmo

When Animals Attack Vol I on Spotify !!!

Y’all, I’m so excited!! Like book-ends I’ll be releasing the first volume of When Animals Attack on Spotify, iTunes, and Vol V within 2021Q1. Puppy Chow was made available on 29th of January. I recently purchased the beats from the producer, as well as updated the tracks (EQ & compression). Granted none of the samples used in the beats have been cleared, so we’ll see how it all goes :/

Nonetheless, the tracks are also updated on Bandcamp, and in the Culture Vault.


It was interesting talking to someone who knew me during those days. The idea of my rhymes, or cadence, being wack was always interesting to me. Especially upon listening to these tracks now … I was merely talking about different topics than most others; albeit in a different manner as well.

Raised performing in musicals, with theater, and stories, I wanted to bring similar sentiments into my songs. Gabo meets Tupac talking to Aesop, all rockin’ a beat … something like that … and I’m happy to say that as I transition to the other end of my creative timeline the tradition continues.

I’m reviewing the tracks right now for the fifth installment of When Animals Attack entitled Return of the Wild … the link below is to collection of the songs I’ve written so far; some of them are still only in freestyle stage. And this is a throwback to how most all of my songs have been written

Usually I’ll listen to a beat to get a feel for it, then on the second go-round I’ll freestyle throughout the track. Not everything makes it to the final production, though to be sure seeds are planted! Let’s review some of what’s been created thus far …

When Animals Attack I: Puppy Chow

This was the first time I ever had access to tracks that over which I was explicitly allowed to write and record! I was living in a garden level apartment trying my third go-round at the University … honestly, it was a mess y’all!

And this is what sprouted from this mess. Granted some songs that wouldn’t be released until Teething Rings had already been written - this was my first opportunity to truly paint on a sonic canvas.

When Animals Attack II: Teething Rings

I gave up on school, and honestly, I can’t remember what I was up to around this time. I was livin’ off of Aldrich & 27th down in South Minneapolis at the time, and I found a few other beats to which I could write and record. As well, somewhere around this time, I recorded a few acoustic songs.

Oh yea, I was delivering pizzas! That was a trip ~ I sold them a website too while I was at it … By this time I’d gotten a few beats, from a few different people. Still attempting to paint semblances of story arcs, the mixtape begins with a live-recording taken from an actual event, and ends with a message of heartfelt gratitude.

When Animals Attack III: Obedience School

Here sit a few originals; way back in the day I got some beats from someone special. The beats were received at a pivotal time in my life and allowed me to directly address some issues for that present, now the past; hoping for a more healing future.

The mixtape is more minimal realization that the idea; though stands as a feat of which I am quite proud. Side A is composed of three beats with rhymes and hooks. Side B is contains two piano songs and an acoustic song.

The idea was to confront an oft-made allegation of bi-polarity; which while a real diagnosis, and applicable to many, I spent many years with psychologists and psychiatrists from a world renown university, and that was not their diagnosis.

I’ve done considerable work to process the trauma my body has experienced. Music has been dynamic outlet, enabling me to express the often convoluted and complex thoughts and feelings associated with such adverse experiences. The two-sides of this mixtape are an homage to this dynamism of being that we all embody and ought learn to embrace.

When Animals Attack IV: Children of the Stars

This mixtape is a bit of an awkward duck, the situated appropriately as volume 4.

These songs are all my own creations, wholly and completely; collected over the years, recorded wherever I was holed up at for the time being … Acoustic multi-tracks recorded via over-dubs, and the last remaining track from when I had Ableton :) Though all were also created after the previous songs in the When Animals Attack series were originally recorded.

Most are snippets, combining acoustic instruments, and represent a practice I hope to which I hope to soon return. I created what I called dumbells, whereby chorus would be introduced, altered for an extended verse, and then returned to at the end of the song.

This song also contains my first and only complete Albeton production, The First of Something.

When Animals Attack V: Return of the Wild

This is the first time I am working with dedicated producer; we’re discussing the tracks, and it’s really enabling me to create some sounds from outside of the box. While being able to continue with the theme of bringing a bit of the theater to the sonic stage.

Here’s the link.

2021 And Beyond …

The idea is to get the Rebel Coding classes up and running, which in addition to bringing income, will also expand brand awareness. Though the step before this is live-streaming, and the step before that is getting better internet installed. That’s on it’s way …

Next up is to get that little farm, and make is energy net-zero; and start planting and harvesting as much as possible. Then start making videos about using the produce to make other goods. And recording more music.

At the time that this is being written, I am supposed to record a verse on a song later this afternoon. Another studio has been found, as well as an engineer.

The preference is for me to build my own studio … though I need minimal tools; and am looking into using an Intel NUC, a mini-pc. One with an i5 processor would theoretically be adequate, 32 GB of RAM. The needs being as follows:

  • The capacity to live-stream with multiple cameras, using OBS

  • Virtualization capabilities for application development

  • Managing farm cameras and sensors

The question to answer was, how much power (wattage) is all of this going to cost; and this was the reason for going with the i5 NUC, as one is a available with an intake of 28W per hour. This make us more enable to build an off-grid energy system using two 12V batteries with 100W output; a smaller system, that will be entirely sufficient for all of our needs.

Culture Clap is an artists, educator and entrepreneur. If you’d like deeper imaginings and insights, there remains space available in the First 500.

And if you got this far … he’s a sneak-peek at was recorded earlier today

Don't Know About This Kid

An interesting youth ... but we had a breakthrough ...

So let’s be honest, I’ve struggled to figure out my pace and content with this, though to be honest, there are other things going on in my life. While my aim has been to provide words of interest or action … though I’m starting to rethink the idea …

I’m starting to rethink writing, and what I might have to say … which … could end up being quite a bit … there was an article that a read where it was written, those who subscribe want to read …

For so long people asked if reading was dead; lamenting the 140 character tweet length. Though in effect, we just needed to start with smaller bites to learn how to listen, and maybe even write, better. I mean, that’s all reading is … listening to someone else’s words spoken in our own voice … in our heads … kinda trippy …

Thank you for reading my words; I hope you are well, you deserve to be well and are worth the resources to be well.

Though now onto our story …

A Changing of the Teacher

Last May I provided myself a break, and I decided to stop working with one of my students. He was a young boy, though difficult for me to find the capacity to interact in a manner he might be best served. Another teacher was found for the boy.

I get updates every now and again, she loves working with him. He is such a sweet child, and she seems like a really sweet woman; it turned out for the best.

Though she, on the other-hand, was teaching a rather treacherous young boy; we’ll call him Timothy. Timothy’s dad wants him to be taking six hours of English classes every single week; Timothy turned 12 in September. Ninety minutes per day, after online classes—to sit and learn English. Timothy wasn’t having it.

And Timothy is clever. During video calls he found a way to create a static sound by pressing certain keys on the computer. Timothy can also be rude; randomly walking away from class without telling you, as the teacher, anything. While Timothy isn’t very considerate of other people’s plights either … sadly, I’ve seen his WhatsApp stories now …

If class starts at 4pm, Timothy will be there 20-30 minutes late. The only way to make Timothy care, is to tell his dad …

Though really, who in their right mind wants to be that person …?

I’m not trying to be that person, is all I’m saying (rumor has it pops can get physical about things; and to be honest, I’ve heard his dad yelling in the background … I’m not even trying to engage with the dude!)

Plan of Attack

In September I was asked to take over teaching Timothy, he had used some sexist language with his former teacher; and so that relationship ended promptly.

Given some warning going into these classes my original position was going to be one of not caring. The kid is miles away, connected via little data packets; there’s nothing he can do that matters except lie.

As mentioned before, 20-30 minutes late, consistently; just a moment teacher, is the consistent refrain. Timothy starts school near seven or eight in the morning; and gets done around 2:30pm. After this it is video game time.

The kid is twelve … my plan was to not care …

And it was tested as we went through a litany:

  • walking away

  • static when I talk

  • blowing in the microphone when I talk

  • having conversations with others during class

My favorite was when I would correct him, and he seemed to take it as a personal offense, go silent, or walk away …

And many times he would come back, and I would explain to him that, I don’t care. When our time is up, our time is up, and that’s that.

Soon I decided to start taking notes about our classes; just to document what was happening should push ever come to shove. Notes with timestamps.

Two-weeks ago I started implementing some new rules. We start class at 4:15, if he doesn’t make it by then class is cancelled. I give him 45, 30, 15-minute alerts and more. Still 20-30 minutes late, consistently. I’m not gonna fight the kid … I still get to put money in my pocket at the end of the day.

And my plan entirely failed … as I said, 20-30 minutes late, consistently, still. Though at least I was ending class 30 minutes early; yup, only charging pops for 60 instead of 90 minutes. Cause honestly, I’m not going to put myself through that fight.

Half of the time the kid would cut out of class early anyways; usually some excuse about having to go to the mall, or having to do something else that was important.

The Breakthrough

Game plan: Don’t care.

Send reminders for class, don’t bug him beyond reminders.

End class on time.

Walk away.

Though today I had had enough …

Last week they had a break, no classes and many businesses had vacations as well.

This week was a chance to set a new tone; Monday was the last vacation day …

Tuesday … 20-30 minutes late … and then slogging through the remaining time.

No class on Wednesday …

Thursday, reminders … nothing … I message him at 4:20, he signs on to the video conference at almost the exact same time.

“Timothy, turn on your video so I can see you.”

I usually don’t care, but today I wanted to talk to him directly.

“Dude, I can call your dad—we can force you to do 90 minutes of exercise, and it will suck for everyone involved. I don’t want to do that!!! And I’m trying to do everything in my power, and within reason, to not have to go that route.

“What can we do to make this time tolerable for you.”

In the first days of class, I went through the normal introductory quiz, who are you, why are you learning English, what do you enjoy doing, what is your profession, or for kids, what professions interest you? In this way, I can better curate materials for each student.

Timothy likes video games. He once mentioned wanting to play video games when he grew up … Though today we got past that, as he quite openly admitted that he thinks video-game streamers, even the ones who make money, are “wasting their lives”.

And this allowed me to open another topic, what does it look like to not waste one’s life ?

Moreover, what are things Timothy would like to do so that his life isn’t a waste ?


Now we’re actually talking!

Timothy talked about wanting to work in his family’s business, about doing sales, and learning about the inventory. Curiously enough, Timothy talked about wanting to, and being able to, help people!

But this was enough pie in the sky conversation; it’s good that we were talking, maybe even great! I mean, the kid actually adjusted his camera so that I could see him, and so I wasn’t just staring at his forehead. I’m gonna act like that moment of consideration was indicative of a glance, if not a step, in the right direction.

“What can we do to make these 60 minutes tolerable for Timothy ??”, I asked him.

“What doesn’t Timothy want to learn about ?”

Hmm … Timothy didn’t know … Timothy needed time to think.

“Dude, no worries, I don’t care—think, find the right words, now we’re talking, we’re using English. Take your time.”

“I want to learn how to type without looking at the keyboard!”

That was it y’all; we’ve got an anchor point. We’ve got a goal to work towards.

Timothy also told me a few other tidbits of information; his interest in parkour, as well as his interest in chakras and energy …

We’ll see how the next few classes go, though I feel better about the client. It’s four hours per week minimum, and a good rate. Though moreover, it’s the challenge of creating a successful student from a troubled situation; about creating a relationship, no not deep, not profound, but at least humane, between two people.

Sure, I am the one who is called teacher, but I don’t know everything, nor is the student expected to know everything. We are learning and growing concurrently, at different places in life, albeit, and in different ways; though we are both learning nonetheless.

My task has been, and continues to be, to learn patience.

At least now we are talking about things that matter to Timothy, so hopefully he will find the excuses necessary to be a bit more engaged.

Thanks for reading this story; I’m thinking this will continue to be a theme—just stories and reflections from my days and travels :)

I enjoy writing, and really ought to do it more …

I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated!

Safe travels, light and laughter,

Canin Carlos

Open Patreon Post

This is how we're gonna do it from now on, me thinks ...

What follows is actually just a copy of Patreon post, without all of the images or details . Lots of goodies and morels; definitely thankful to be more secure in the path I’m walking!

This post is a rather detailed updated, with many words and not a few images; though all really good news. Thank you all for your support ~ couldn't be doin' this stuff with out y'all!

First off, I really feel like I've got a handle on how I want to use these platforms!

I've renamed this tier Core, and limited it to 500, with a minimum of $1.

While I've made an overflow tier of >$2, called Community.

While I've also discerned a pricing plan for ExoCTO; with an associated spreadsheet. I'm also able to run hypotheticals, and so measure my time, insuring project manageability. 

I've also got sliding scale fees implemented, which I hope make my support more accessible to anyone. The entrance is the same for everyone, 20 minutes of tech talk with an email follow-up, for free.

If you're wondering why all of these changes  ...

I suppose that's the biggest news; starting on Monday I'll have 20 hours of English Classes every single week ~ which is a sufficient income to live comfortably.

New Roadmap for Goals

I've also switch up my Goals, and added a bunch of lower tier Goals around monthly business bills. First up is Calendly, which is already covered by y'all (thank you!)

Next up is, this will enable me to schedule Instagram posts, which is the platform that I'm going to focus on as the apex of trick-down social media structure. Leveraging Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook; using automation.

This is followed by Zencastr,  a platform that assures, as best as can be done, that I get quality recordings when taping conversations with virtual guests. In fact, using Zencastr, each guest has their own track being individually recorded. The pro-version will allow me unlimited guests, unlimited hours of recording!! Unlimited guests being the appealing feature.

Complete posts are available to 495 more Patreon Core($1+) members.

I almost forgot about Canva!

I can get quite a bit done with the Free version, paying for visuals as is actually needed. The images included are examples of Canva productions.

idioke images are used to solicit Spanish lessons for me :)

while the Exo-CTO images are as follows, and this is just a beginning ...

Which images to you like best?

I'd love any input any of y'all might have :)

So Canva is another one I'll add ... 

Though then it takes a pretty quick jump from there to health insurance, remember the pension stuff I talked about ... I'll write another post about the details later.

Either way, I'll need to think of some other intermediary Goals.

Recent Employ

I recently published another piece in Latino Rebels; this one lovingly entitled, The White Latinos Are At It Again. A few conversations have been had, out of the publication; and I got paid as well! Both by LR, and some random person on the internet. 

This is the money that is providing the immediate monetary investment of purchasing a paid Calendly subscription, upfront for the year! Being poor is expensive, and such plans are just another example: by having more money up-front, I'm able to save money!

I've also recently taken on my first paid client for ExoCTO; and am finalizing automations, along with the core product base ... speaking of, I would like to welcome y'all to the DreamFreely Library. This is where I'm making the Rebel Coding, ExoCTO & Manifesting Empathy books available to anyone and everyone!

Profesores Extranjeros

I've been working with an agency for one year this past July, that sources English students to me. And I've maintained all the students I've wanted to, on of my students was successful enough accomplish is aspiration to get a new job! Another student just wasn't my style, per se; though I've recently heard from his current teacher, and he seems to be doing wonderfully! 

Now I myself have acquired 20 hours per week of classes! 


Though next up, I'm taking a student that was too much for another teacher!!

All said and done, this is allowing me to really leverage my other efforts to supplant this schedule, or not. I really enjoy teaching, and if we're being honest, this is a great primary audience for some of my projects, like idioke! Aspiration is to build the skills of my students to the point where they no longer need me, and we can all just use idioke to practice, grow and build community!

Thank YOU!

None of this would have been possible without the existential support your monetary support is evidence of !! In another post, I'll talk about the new-to-me Qi-Gong form I use as a morning routine. As well, I'll talk about some of the additional components of a my meditative mornings.

Y'all, seriously, thank you so much helping me get to this place; here's a quick snapshot of the GNUCash dashboard ~ honestly I'm so stoked to have been able to save! It's been paycheck to paycheck ... since forever to me :/

Yup, I'm even able to manage the business records in both USD & COP (Colombian Peso)!

As well, I maintain invoices for everything taken in formally, and informally, while having a bold line between personal salary and business intake. This enables fluidity for tax purposes  ~ while making the requirements clearer for others to follow, looking toward the creation of content.

Furthermore, all of this will enable me to investigate investing !

So I'll be documenting that learning path as well.


Honestly, I haven't purchased the Calendly paid version yet; I want to make the most of it, and I have few things to do before I'm ready to put that cherry on top. Basically I need to build the roads leading to each of these doors; on-boarding, and review, forms. As well as building automation chains. 

Nonetheless, here's a look at the, soon to be public, Calendly events:

It has only been since August that I've been able to start tracking ALL of my expenditures and acquisitions. Though there is one thing in particular that I will be paying special attention to, and that is the Colombian pension fund to which I have to contribute each month. It's like a tax, but for healthcare ... I'm not entirely sure. Though I don't have to pay income tax unless I'm making more than 5.000.000,00 COP each month. (Also in Colombia, money is displayed with a period for commas, and vice versa.)

It was only in the middle of August that I decided to withdraw the Patreon funds; which have traditionally been done quarterly. Though I'm lookin' to make the withdrawls into trimesters. Due dates being December, April and August 15th; enabling to do my taxes consistently, yet relatively infrequently.

I'm super excited to learn about all of this stuff, and publish materials for others to hopefully enhance their own awareness. Next up, I will need to spend $45 to renew the LLC in Minnesota ~ though even that process is shedding super cool new light!

And yes, that is a 5Qi reboot in the near future; more about this in a future post.

It wouldn't be possible to have this much enthusiasm to exude and enjoy without y'all!

Thank you / Gracias / Nzinga,


Week 3: Review & Look-Ahead

Changes at a modest pace, you might say ...

Y’all, first off, on a technical update of personal exuberance — I finally updated the ActiPanel libraries …

I know, it seems like such a small thing, but it was giving me SO much anxiety … there were things that were breaking, and I had no idea how to fix them. All I knew was that I would have to completely update the version of Vue that I was using; and I thought it would be a huge pain in the butt. Because then I would need to learn a bunch of new stuff for the new version — that was a lie !!!

Granted, I still get some errors because of the processes this new version of Vue uses — I got everything working and I’m so happy about it — now I will focus on keeping everything up-to-date and not waiting 2 years before checking for updates :p

Ok, what else though ..?

The 5Qi Podcast is now live & direct from

Episode #1: Patty Montoya from Titipoza

Episode #2: Joshua Encarnación from

Episode #3: Mara Zapeda from Zebras Unite

Episode #4: Cristina Costa from Women with Purpose

Episode #5: DiViNCi from Studio Sensei

Episode #6: Melinda Briana Epler from Change Catalyst

Episode #7: Julio Ricardo Varela from Latino RebelsPart 1

Episode #8: Julio Ricardo Varela from Latino RebelsPart 2

Goodbye Gumroad !!!

So a few weeks ago the CEO of Gumroad decided to block a few Black woman on Twitter following his request to keep them accountable …

And then the official Gumroad Twitter account declared that they didn’t care, because they were too good to care … and so I decided to close up my account with them.

I didn’t have anywhere to move immediately, but I’d been in similar situations in real-life, so I wasn’t going to feel too bothered by it.

This week I found an alternative!

I need to confirm a few things, but the platform seem fantastic from the get-go.

Firstly, their primary audience is indie-gamers — there may be some reasons to be concerned, though other research has yielded a high-probability that they are staunch supporters of Black trans-women, and using this as a barometric measure for cultural competency, I’m willing to dive in head-first.

This is just a locale to sell PDFs, I’ll start housing music over at Bandcamp again - with preview tracks available on Soundcloud

Admittedly it does feel good to start feeling like I have all of these platforms falling into a comfortable place.

The Future of 5Qi

That said, making a succinct Season 1 of the 5Qi Podcast was a solid adventure, though I do believe I’m going to start releasing weekly conversations here on out.

I’ve got process to test, though hope to begin recording as soon as next week!

Combined with making these updates as frequent as I can …

I think I’ve got the start of something not-half-bad cookin’.

Last, but not least …

for the fun of a Wednesday evening update, I’ve started to write a new lil’ booklet.

Top 5 Rules to Abolishing White Supremacy & the Ego

  • Rule #5: Forget Your Self

  • Rule #4: Forgive Your Self

  • Rule #3: Be a Student of Your Self

  • Rule #2: Know Your Feelings

  • Rule #1: Be Honest with Your Self

I’ve got a quirky idea about how to structure the content, starting with Rule #2 instead of Rule #1 — it’s an attempt to make some money by creating something with a modicum of value that I can sell on the internets :)

Whatcha think?

Y’all are so wonderful, thank you for takin’ a read!

Peace and power to y’all,

Canin Carlos

Culture Clap is an artist, educator & entrepreneur. He can be reached via Twitter @CultureClap or join the community via Patreon.

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