THIS WEEK the 5Qi Podcast Arrives

And the Twitchery begins as well ~

Whoa y’all, the past few weeks have been zaney!!!

Like so many folks I’ve just been trying to hold on to what ever I can find which might be stable; often enough only to find out so that so much has been built on unstable foundations.

Though, it’s tough to say I haven’t seen some of this stuff coming, and so, with a bit of patience, might be able to make something of it all …

The 5Qi Podcast is finally ready for publication!!

I’m SO stoked y’all — these conversations were such a blessing to have, and I’m incredibly thankful to be able to share them with y’all as well.

Let’s be honest the reason I wanted to make a podcast is because I like talkin’ to people; conversation is a way to learn about others, the world around us and ourselves.

And the opportunity to have conversations with leaders in their field, is an opportunity to see what one might otherwise not be able to …

The episodes will be released on Thursday afternoon via

Twitch Twitch

I know, it’s owned by Amazon — though it’s also the best venue, at present, for me to conduct the work I seek to do …

I’ve been sitting on a few ideas for a schedule; it’s also a means by which to keep my self accountable — eeks!

I’ve got quite a bit that I’m trying to accomplish, and I’m finally at a place where I feel truly enabled to focus on it all in a holistically productive manner; because my spirit truly is a part of everything that I do, and I don’t know how to conduct myself any other way.

Drug Free is the Way To Be!

It took long enough, but there are reasons; and I still don’t consider marijuana to be a drug — nonetheless, I am 90 days without the substance and runnin’!

I turned, mostly, vegan in the process — just feels healthier.

I messed up a bit the past few days; has some empanadas and papas con carne, pero … that was more out of convenience than desire.

Next is to collect the hair-sample live on Twitch this week, and then send it out for testing. Also need to get the court papers in order; yeehaw!

So yea, that’s how we’ll wrap this update up; and hopeful get back to being a bit more consistent with the updates :)

Hope y’all are able to find some sources for light and laughter throughout the storms.

Peace & Power to y’all,

Culture Clap

Culture Clap is an artist, educator & entrepreneur. He can be reached via Twitter @CultureClap or join the community via Patreon.

I want to talk you!

Yes, YOU! Five answers and an intro, that's all it takes!

First off, I hope you are able to stay safe during this planet-wide quarantine!

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So without any further adieu … today’s story.

An idea is conceived …

The original idea emanated from a pitch I sent to hoping to help them promote their incredible Software Engineer Accelerator program!

Though due to current circumstances, most everyone is having to scale back their expenditures. And they are no exception; while this project was one of items left on the cutting room floor.

Though with the right mindset, can I turn this obstacle into a blessing?

I think so.

Why not continue building the idea?! Could I find other sponsors?

How to make money online ~

This has always been the dream! Right?

First things first, you need to have an idea that has value; which is no easy task. Even then, once you have the idea you need to execute the idea with consistency. A concept I have struggled with, like few others.

So if I ever wanted to make this whole digital nomad, location-independent lifestyle work; I needed to fix that first.

What could I do consistently, while maintaining the requisite enthusiasm to continue for the long-term??

I love talking to people and learning from them ~ so a podcast seems like an excellent opportunity.

But now I needed to figure out a direction, niche, or some other method of cohesion. There are more than enough people creating content just to hear the sound of their own voice; and while I can’t dismiss the sentiment, I want to know that I’m providing value!

OutcoSF was an incredible program for me; it was my first time being in an educative setting, consistently interacting with diverse individuals, and learning from a cultural myriad of instructors.

Whenever I have experiences such as that, I immediately want to help them expand and let others know that there is a safe place for us.

So I had an idea, and I shared it with them ~

The 5Qi Podcast is born:

Five questions and an introduction.

Easy. Each week I ask a few folks the same five questions, document their responses — and huzzah, instant content.

For Outco, the idea was to interview recent alumni. The content would be a promotional tool for their program; as well as tasty displays of aptitude and sociability for recent alum.

Welp, why not transition those same questions to non-alumni?

Boom; that’s it exactly!

So what are the five question:

  1. What was one of your favorite problems to solve?

  2. What is your biggest difficulty when solving problems?

  3. How do you relax from the task of solving problems?

  4. What are your primary skills & interests?

  5. What are you hoping to learn over the next year?

A sixth question provides the introduction: who are you?

One of the ideas that was impressed upon us as Outco-ers was that, as developers and coders, we are problem solvers.

Though aren’t we all problem solvers in manner of speaking; to be human is to be forced to attempt solving the problem(/anxiety) of our existence.

I want to learn how others solve their problems!

Not just technical obstacles, but life obstacles.

So, back to you.

Wanna chat?

A few examples

Now I couldn’t expect you to jump into a conversation without some type of precedence for my own capacity to hold a safe space for you.

I’ve tried the ol’ podcast format a few times. My latest approach resulted in a few episodes for a concept called TalkBrownNow!

Though, to be forthright, while diversity is important to me, I prefer not to rely on the theme of race as a cornerstone for conversation.

Nonetheless, what follows are a few examples of my conversational style:

Parisian doctoral student Samantha Joecke was my neighbor for a time here in Colombia, studying the creation of gender in public spaces. We discussed her studies and reflections for over an hour.

G-Rock was a former landscaping co-worker of mine. We worked in an affluent suburb; and talked about the experience from both sides of the racial lens. Sad to say, it’s not a pretty picture we paint.

My aspiration to pursue more uplifting conversations with 5Qi.

Both of these episodes have since been deleted from my account, to clean the slate. Though if you’d like to listen to them, they are still available for Patreon supporters.

And for those interested in listening to the ideas that instigated the concept for TalkBrownNow! ~ here’s the introductory episode:

It would be an incredible honor to learn about some of the problems you’ve solved in your life.

How do you take a break from the task of solving problems?

And what are you hoping to learn over the next solar cycle?

Thank you so much for taking the time to investigate thus far!

Feel free to send me an email if you’re open to the conversation.

I hope y’all are able to stay safe, now and forevermore.



Culture Clap is a trans-racial adoptee creating community tech-tools and resources to help others learn how to code. You can support their work through Patreon; or join their community on Discord.

New Music !!

They say music can't save you, but I have to disagree -- it's medicine to me.

Welcome to Culture Clap’s Random Ramblings!

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This is a private SoundCloud scratch track of a song that has been re-recorded and sent off to the producer for mixing.

An updated copy was made available to Patreon supporters last week; along with the contents of this post.

I wanted to make a note of who I am dedicating this song to, the mother of the woman who adopted me - my Grandma Shan, 

I miss you Grandma, but I know you see me from up in heaven; I know you sending me such beautiful melodies ~ thank you.


She never shamed me, never looked at me any differently than her other grandchildren.

She showed me what it means to love, unconditionally.

I remember when I had just turned 19 and my college guidance councilor let me contribute a piece of poetry to his compilation disc.

I was so proud of myself; she was in the hospital at the time, and it was her time to go home - but I was so proud to show her what I'd written -- I was a defiant little shit, but she saw past the cussing and frustration.

She was nurse in Kittson County, a farmer's wife, and so devoted to her church and her community.

And how she loved to sing -- she was so proud of me; and she saw my fear, she saw how lonely I was --- she told me it was all gonna be alright ~ and I was able to trust her, I knew she'd never lie to me.

And I've never let go of the hope she gave me ... she's the only reason I never allowed myself to give way completely to the hatred others seemed so entitled to push me towards ...

This song is for you Grandma Shan ... thank you for showing what it could mean to love unconditionally, no matter one's color, race, creed, gender, sex or dreams.

Thank you for not letting me go - thank you for letting me be the human I am, instead of who others needed me to be.

Thank you for being you

Thank you for the donuts.

Thank you for the caramel rolls.

Thank you for the hugs, the kisses.

Thank you for these tears that fall from my eyes whenever I remember the beautiful memory of your smile, your eyes and your light.

Thank you for encouraging me to chase my dreams to play ...

Culture Clap is an artist, educator & entrepreneur. He can be reached via Twitter @CultureClap or join the community on Patreon.

Friday Updates & Stories

Who in their right mind asks to be in solitary confinement?

Hey, how ya doin? Welcome to Culture Clap’s Random Ramblings … which is maybe what I’ll end up calling this from now on …

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Who in their right mind …

Asks to be placed in solitary confinement?

Me, apparently …

It was my 4th time being arrested, I think, maybe my fifth; I can’t remember exactly — save to say it was my last time!

I was tired of this shit — and determined to never go through it again.

Previously, I just went in holding with everyone else, though this time I knew I’d be stuck there for the weekend; and I really didn’t want to have to deal with other people.

So I though I might rest of lorals of what whiteness had been saying my entire life, “I’m bi-polar and need my own cell.”

And I think that might be how I start the next story … whatcha think?

A dear friend, Brady Perl, has been telling me to start writing down my story for quite sometime. I think I might finally be approaching a place in life where I feel comfortable doing so.

Yes, Latino Rebels did allow me to pen a version; though the words were written through the haze of anger, regret and week smoke.

So I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about it all …

I’m thinking to start off with vignettes, though wonder if they ought be written, or perhaps published via podcast.

Nonetheless, there are a few prompts I’ve considered to kick off the project ~ because apparently I always need a new project to be starting.

Covid-19 in Colombia

Not gonna lie, I’m somewhat proud of how our country is handling things, mostly.

Without getting into the negative, the entire county is on lockdown until April 13th. And when I went to the local supermarket today I was confronted with an ingenious sign:

Shopping is only allowed on certain days depending on the last digit of your cedula number. Cedula is like a social security number down here.

The country is hopefully doing alright in flattening the curve; though we all know the numbers are artificially low.

Regardless, everything shutsdown on 5pm here, and it’s likely jailtime if you violate the order.

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SF Update

This past week I received a tweet from the founder and creator of OpenStates.

To me, it’s like Elon Musk saying I built a nice model car; and that he’d like to learn more about my work.

I sent him an email and have received a response; as well I am beginning to put my work into a series Docker containers; so that others might more easily contribute to the projects.

Excitement SO real!!

I hope moments find you well, safe and healthy.

Thanks for reading!

~ Culture Clap

Culture Clap is an artist, educator & entrepreneur. He can be reached via Twitter @CultureClap or join the community via Patreon.

Hello Monday!!!

Let's all stay safe this week and help each other ~

Hey y’all,

First off, please self-quarantine if you can!

As a planet we are all in this together ~

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Thank you for reading

It’s difficult not to look back in pain, at all the warnings we had before these ever darker days.

About 19 months ago I was told by a retired executive that he couldn’t solve all of my problems. To which I replied that within the next few years his entire business/political outlook would be rendered a complete mess.

And here we are.

The Cycle Repeats

It is difficult for us to break from the superiority / inferiority complex into which capitalistic individualization has pushed us.

And the organizations around us reflect this struggle as well.

I gotta be honest, these past few weeks I’ve really started trying to put myself out there, and the trend remains frighteningly consistent.

Enthusiasm upfront with lots of promises and no follow through; while later conversations remain disconcertingly condescending.

While many of these self-same people loudly preach conversational acceptance; it is baffling on many levels.

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Dim Tunnels & Lights

And it is easy to get lost in despair; but that’s not the game we can afford to play!

I also had a wonderful conversation with another former-executive last week; while other relationships are being granted space to grow.

And so we introduce ourselves to the daily music selection:

What songs do you listen to for a pick-me-up?

I’m gonna get back to work; might jump on Twitch later.

These updates will likely become more frequent as well; because I want this place to be the primary means of communication with others.

It’s a really comfortable place from which to write.

I hope y’all are able to stay safe ~ self quarantine!!!

Connect with me on Twitter if you need help with anything too;

I’ll do all I can!!!

Light, Laughter & Safety y’all,



Culture Clap is an artist, educator & entrepreneur. He can be reached via Twitter @CultureClap or join the community via Patreon.

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