Open Patreon Post

This is how we're gonna do it from now on, me thinks ...

What follows is actually just a copy of Patreon post, without all of the images or details . Lots of goodies and morels; definitely thankful to be more secure in the path I’m walking!

This post is a rather detailed updated, with many words and not a few images; though all really good news. Thank you all for your support ~ couldn't be doin' this stuff with out y'all!

First off, I really feel like I've got a handle on how I want to use these platforms!

I've renamed this tier Core, and limited it to 500, with a minimum of $1.

While I've made an overflow tier of >$2, called Community.

While I've also discerned a pricing plan for ExoCTO; with an associated spreadsheet. I'm also able to run hypotheticals, and so measure my time, insuring project manageability. 

I've also got sliding scale fees implemented, which I hope make my support more accessible to anyone. The entrance is the same for everyone, 20 minutes of tech talk with an email follow-up, for free.

If you're wondering why all of these changes  ...

I suppose that's the biggest news; starting on Monday I'll have 20 hours of English Classes every single week ~ which is a sufficient income to live comfortably.

New Roadmap for Goals

I've also switch up my Goals, and added a bunch of lower tier Goals around monthly business bills. First up is Calendly, which is already covered by y'all (thank you!)

Next up is, this will enable me to schedule Instagram posts, which is the platform that I'm going to focus on as the apex of trick-down social media structure. Leveraging Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook; using automation.

This is followed by Zencastr,  a platform that assures, as best as can be done, that I get quality recordings when taping conversations with virtual guests. In fact, using Zencastr, each guest has their own track being individually recorded. The pro-version will allow me unlimited guests, unlimited hours of recording!! Unlimited guests being the appealing feature.

Complete posts are available to 495 more Patreon Core($1+) members.

I almost forgot about Canva!

I can get quite a bit done with the Free version, paying for visuals as is actually needed. The images included are examples of Canva productions.

idioke images are used to solicit Spanish lessons for me :)

while the Exo-CTO images are as follows, and this is just a beginning ...

Which images to you like best?

I'd love any input any of y'all might have :)

So Canva is another one I'll add ... 

Though then it takes a pretty quick jump from there to health insurance, remember the pension stuff I talked about ... I'll write another post about the details later.

Either way, I'll need to think of some other intermediary Goals.

Recent Employ

I recently published another piece in Latino Rebels; this one lovingly entitled, The White Latinos Are At It Again. A few conversations have been had, out of the publication; and I got paid as well! Both by LR, and some random person on the internet. 

This is the money that is providing the immediate monetary investment of purchasing a paid Calendly subscription, upfront for the year! Being poor is expensive, and such plans are just another example: by having more money up-front, I'm able to save money!

I've also recently taken on my first paid client for ExoCTO; and am finalizing automations, along with the core product base ... speaking of, I would like to welcome y'all to the DreamFreely Library. This is where I'm making the Rebel Coding, ExoCTO & Manifesting Empathy books available to anyone and everyone!

Profesores Extranjeros

I've been working with an agency for one year this past July, that sources English students to me. And I've maintained all the students I've wanted to, on of my students was successful enough accomplish is aspiration to get a new job! Another student just wasn't my style, per se; though I've recently heard from his current teacher, and he seems to be doing wonderfully! 

Now I myself have acquired 20 hours per week of classes! 


Though next up, I'm taking a student that was too much for another teacher!!

All said and done, this is allowing me to really leverage my other efforts to supplant this schedule, or not. I really enjoy teaching, and if we're being honest, this is a great primary audience for some of my projects, like idioke! Aspiration is to build the skills of my students to the point where they no longer need me, and we can all just use idioke to practice, grow and build community!

Thank YOU!

None of this would have been possible without the existential support your monetary support is evidence of !! In another post, I'll talk about the new-to-me Qi-Gong form I use as a morning routine. As well, I'll talk about some of the additional components of a my meditative mornings.

Y'all, seriously, thank you so much helping me get to this place; here's a quick snapshot of the GNUCash dashboard ~ honestly I'm so stoked to have been able to save! It's been paycheck to paycheck ... since forever to me :/

Yup, I'm even able to manage the business records in both USD & COP (Colombian Peso)!

As well, I maintain invoices for everything taken in formally, and informally, while having a bold line between personal salary and business intake. This enables fluidity for tax purposes  ~ while making the requirements clearer for others to follow, looking toward the creation of content.

Furthermore, all of this will enable me to investigate investing !

So I'll be documenting that learning path as well.


Honestly, I haven't purchased the Calendly paid version yet; I want to make the most of it, and I have few things to do before I'm ready to put that cherry on top. Basically I need to build the roads leading to each of these doors; on-boarding, and review, forms. As well as building automation chains. 

Nonetheless, here's a look at the, soon to be public, Calendly events:

It has only been since August that I've been able to start tracking ALL of my expenditures and acquisitions. Though there is one thing in particular that I will be paying special attention to, and that is the Colombian pension fund to which I have to contribute each month. It's like a tax, but for healthcare ... I'm not entirely sure. Though I don't have to pay income tax unless I'm making more than 5.000.000,00 COP each month. (Also in Colombia, money is displayed with a period for commas, and vice versa.)

It was only in the middle of August that I decided to withdraw the Patreon funds; which have traditionally been done quarterly. Though I'm lookin' to make the withdrawls into trimesters. Due dates being December, April and August 15th; enabling to do my taxes consistently, yet relatively infrequently.

I'm super excited to learn about all of this stuff, and publish materials for others to hopefully enhance their own awareness. Next up, I will need to spend $45 to renew the LLC in Minnesota ~ though even that process is shedding super cool new light!

And yes, that is a 5Qi reboot in the near future; more about this in a future post.

It wouldn't be possible to have this much enthusiasm to exude and enjoy without y'all!

Thank you / Gracias / Nzinga,


Week 3: Review & Look-Ahead

Changes at a modest pace, you might say ...

Y’all, first off, on a technical update of personal exuberance — I finally updated the ActiPanel libraries …

I know, it seems like such a small thing, but it was giving me SO much anxiety … there were things that were breaking, and I had no idea how to fix them. All I knew was that I would have to completely update the version of Vue that I was using; and I thought it would be a huge pain in the butt. Because then I would need to learn a bunch of new stuff for the new version — that was a lie !!!

Granted, I still get some errors because of the processes this new version of Vue uses — I got everything working and I’m so happy about it — now I will focus on keeping everything up-to-date and not waiting 2 years before checking for updates :p

Ok, what else though ..?

The 5Qi Podcast is now live & direct from

Episode #1: Patty Montoya from Titipoza

Episode #2: Joshua Encarnación from

Episode #3: Mara Zapeda from Zebras Unite

Episode #4: Cristina Costa from Women with Purpose

Episode #5: DiViNCi from Studio Sensei

Episode #6: Melinda Briana Epler from Change Catalyst

Episode #7: Julio Ricardo Varela from Latino RebelsPart 1

Episode #8: Julio Ricardo Varela from Latino RebelsPart 2

Goodbye Gumroad !!!

So a few weeks ago the CEO of Gumroad decided to block a few Black woman on Twitter following his request to keep them accountable …

And then the official Gumroad Twitter account declared that they didn’t care, because they were too good to care … and so I decided to close up my account with them.

I didn’t have anywhere to move immediately, but I’d been in similar situations in real-life, so I wasn’t going to feel too bothered by it.

This week I found an alternative!

I need to confirm a few things, but the platform seem fantastic from the get-go.

Firstly, their primary audience is indie-gamers — there may be some reasons to be concerned, though other research has yielded a high-probability that they are staunch supporters of Black trans-women, and using this as a barometric measure for cultural competency, I’m willing to dive in head-first.

This is just a locale to sell PDFs, I’ll start housing music over at Bandcamp again - with preview tracks available on Soundcloud

Admittedly it does feel good to start feeling like I have all of these platforms falling into a comfortable place.

The Future of 5Qi

That said, making a succinct Season 1 of the 5Qi Podcast was a solid adventure, though I do believe I’m going to start releasing weekly conversations here on out.

I’ve got process to test, though hope to begin recording as soon as next week!

Combined with making these updates as frequent as I can …

I think I’ve got the start of something not-half-bad cookin’.

Last, but not least …

for the fun of a Wednesday evening update, I’ve started to write a new lil’ booklet.

Top 5 Rules to Abolishing White Supremacy & the Ego

  • Rule #5: Forget Your Self

  • Rule #4: Forgive Your Self

  • Rule #3: Be a Student of Your Self

  • Rule #2: Know Your Feelings

  • Rule #1: Be Honest with Your Self

I’ve got a quirky idea about how to structure the content, starting with Rule #2 instead of Rule #1 — it’s an attempt to make some money by creating something with a modicum of value that I can sell on the internets :)

Whatcha think?

Y’all are so wonderful, thank you for takin’ a read!

Peace and power to y’all,

Canin Carlos

Culture Clap is an artist, educator & entrepreneur. He can be reached via Twitter @CultureClap or join the community via Patreon.

Week 1 of Something New

I exercised yesterday for the first time in too long

It wasn’t much, but it was something — some push-ups, sit-ups, etc …

Though I’ll stay proud of myself during quarantine!

5Qi For Real this time!

It’s finally out in the wild ~ check-out the Patreon post here.

There were so many little mistakes that I kept having to fix …

First off was getting all of the imaging on point; I misspelled a few names - though thankfully I saved my template files!

Next it was getting all of the intros & the outros on point … uff-da — I’m glad I took my time! It is definitely worth it.

But remember those misspelled names … yea, they came back to haunt me, when I mispronounced names too — haha ~ oi

So there were about half-a-dozen intros/outros to re-record —

And finally, the account that I initially used … has a previous name attached to the distribution points !!!!

So after I got everything perfect, and I even published the entire season ~ I realized that I need to create a whole new account, and re-upload all of the content!!

Alright, it’s all done ~ the title is a bit duplicative, though that’s just to make sure that all of the distribution points (Apple, Google, Stitcher, Spotify, etc) use the URL I want.


This Week on

Starting off this Monday, I’m gonna do a quick review of package updates for the our Vue projects — whenever a project is built there are a plethora of libraries that are used — and these libraries are often updated.

So I need to see which one have been updated, update them, and see if any of the changes break our projects — super fun — though super necessary.

We’re also gonna start doing the initial research for the Rebel Recruiter project; need to gather up initial contacts, and finalize some introductory copy.

Lastly, we’ll take a look at what else we need to get done this week.

Tuesday, I’ll get back to writing a few more scrapers, maybe see about getting Colorado up and running, as well as Seattle.

In the evening, we’ll return to the Rebel Coding content; and may even reach out on Twitter for our first Rebel Coding AMA session.

On Wednesday we’ll be doing a few client check-ups; naturally, we’ll have a business check-in in the morning — see where we’re at with everything, discern any objective changes for the week.

In the afternoon/evening we’ll be checkin’ in with one of our clients as they start building their own brand ~

Thursday we’ll wrap up our projects for the week; I really need to start makin’ some head-way on idioke again!

Question: What songs do you think English learners should definitely know, or learn?

Leave a comment

As well, we’ll see if we can’t have our Vue projects up-dated and running by the end of Thursday as well!

Saturday will again be an unplanned free-for-all; we’ll just hangout — I really want to make some changes to the Culture Blog — and keep it rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ from there :)

Monday Roll-Call

So that about wraps it up for the week’s plan; there are a few other tasks left unmentioned — gonna launch a GoFundMe this week, methinks.

As well, start pushing the TeeSpring stores and the MnActivist/ScreamFreely podcast — good times, stoked to have Season 1 of 5Qi out in the wild (gotta make sure I stay pushing that as well) — now to build off it.

Which reminds me, I need to start reaching out to folks for Season 2 :)

Thanks for takin’ the time to read y’all — hope y’all are able to find some sources for light and laughter.



Culture Clap is an artist, educator & entrepreneur. He can be reached via Twitter @CultureClap or join the community via Patreon.

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THIS WEEK the 5Qi Podcast Arrives

And the Twitchery begins as well ~

Whoa y’all, the past few weeks have been zaney!!!

Like so many folks I’ve just been trying to hold on to what ever I can find which might be stable; often enough only to find out so that so much has been built on unstable foundations.

Though, it’s tough to say I haven’t seen some of this stuff coming, and so, with a bit of patience, might be able to make something of it all …

The 5Qi Podcast is finally ready for publication!!

I’m SO stoked y’all — these conversations were such a blessing to have, and I’m incredibly thankful to be able to share them with y’all as well.

Let’s be honest the reason I wanted to make a podcast is because I like talkin’ to people; conversation is a way to learn about others, the world around us and ourselves.

And the opportunity to have conversations with leaders in their field, is an opportunity to see what one might otherwise not be able to …

The episodes will be released on Thursday afternoon via

Twitch Twitch

I know, it’s owned by Amazon — though it’s also the best venue, at present, for me to conduct the work I seek to do …

I’ve been sitting on a few ideas for a schedule; it’s also a means by which to keep my self accountable — eeks!

I’ve got quite a bit that I’m trying to accomplish, and I’m finally at a place where I feel truly enabled to focus on it all in a holistically productive manner; because my spirit truly is a part of everything that I do, and I don’t know how to conduct myself any other way.

Drug Free is the Way To Be!

It took long enough, but there are reasons; and I still don’t consider marijuana to be a drug — nonetheless, I am 90 days without the substance and runnin’!

I turned, mostly, vegan in the process — just feels healthier.

I messed up a bit the past few days; has some empanadas and papas con carne, pero … that was more out of convenience than desire.

Next is to collect the hair-sample live on Twitch this week, and then send it out for testing. Also need to get the court papers in order; yeehaw!

So yea, that’s how we’ll wrap this update up; and hopeful get back to being a bit more consistent with the updates :)

Hope y’all are able to find some sources for light and laughter throughout the storms.

Peace & Power to y’all,

Culture Clap

Culture Clap is an artist, educator & entrepreneur. He can be reached via Twitter @CultureClap or join the community via Patreon.

I want to talk you!

Yes, YOU! Five answers and an intro, that's all it takes!

First off, I hope you are able to stay safe during this planet-wide quarantine!

Thank you for subscribing to my ramblings ~ I’ll slowly be transitioning this outlet to the announcement arm of my digital presence; as I’ve found a way to create the blog structure I seek.

If you’d like to unsubscribe, my apologies for the trouble; please, scroll to the bottom of the email, and there’s a link for ya!

So without any further adieu … today’s story.

An idea is conceived …

The original idea emanated from a pitch I sent to hoping to help them promote their incredible Software Engineer Accelerator program!

Though due to current circumstances, most everyone is having to scale back their expenditures. And they are no exception; while this project was one of items left on the cutting room floor.

Though with the right mindset, can I turn this obstacle into a blessing?

I think so.

Why not continue building the idea?! Could I find other sponsors?

How to make money online ~

This has always been the dream! Right?

First things first, you need to have an idea that has value; which is no easy task. Even then, once you have the idea you need to execute the idea with consistency. A concept I have struggled with, like few others.

So if I ever wanted to make this whole digital nomad, location-independent lifestyle work; I needed to fix that first.

What could I do consistently, while maintaining the requisite enthusiasm to continue for the long-term??

I love talking to people and learning from them ~ so a podcast seems like an excellent opportunity.

But now I needed to figure out a direction, niche, or some other method of cohesion. There are more than enough people creating content just to hear the sound of their own voice; and while I can’t dismiss the sentiment, I want to know that I’m providing value!

OutcoSF was an incredible program for me; it was my first time being in an educative setting, consistently interacting with diverse individuals, and learning from a cultural myriad of instructors.

Whenever I have experiences such as that, I immediately want to help them expand and let others know that there is a safe place for us.

So I had an idea, and I shared it with them ~

The 5Qi Podcast is born:

Five questions and an introduction.

Easy. Each week I ask a few folks the same five questions, document their responses — and huzzah, instant content.

For Outco, the idea was to interview recent alumni. The content would be a promotional tool for their program; as well as tasty displays of aptitude and sociability for recent alum.

Welp, why not transition those same questions to non-alumni?

Boom; that’s it exactly!

So what are the five question:

  1. What was one of your favorite problems to solve?

  2. What is your biggest difficulty when solving problems?

  3. How do you relax from the task of solving problems?

  4. What are your primary skills & interests?

  5. What are you hoping to learn over the next year?

A sixth question provides the introduction: who are you?

One of the ideas that was impressed upon us as Outco-ers was that, as developers and coders, we are problem solvers.

Though aren’t we all problem solvers in manner of speaking; to be human is to be forced to attempt solving the problem(/anxiety) of our existence.

I want to learn how others solve their problems!

Not just technical obstacles, but life obstacles.

So, back to you.

Wanna chat?

A few examples

Now I couldn’t expect you to jump into a conversation without some type of precedence for my own capacity to hold a safe space for you.

I’ve tried the ol’ podcast format a few times. My latest approach resulted in a few episodes for a concept called TalkBrownNow!

Though, to be forthright, while diversity is important to me, I prefer not to rely on the theme of race as a cornerstone for conversation.

Nonetheless, what follows are a few examples of my conversational style:

Parisian doctoral student Samantha Joecke was my neighbor for a time here in Colombia, studying the creation of gender in public spaces. We discussed her studies and reflections for over an hour.

G-Rock was a former landscaping co-worker of mine. We worked in an affluent suburb; and talked about the experience from both sides of the racial lens. Sad to say, it’s not a pretty picture we paint.

My aspiration to pursue more uplifting conversations with 5Qi.

Both of these episodes have since been deleted from my account, to clean the slate. Though if you’d like to listen to them, they are still available for Patreon supporters.

And for those interested in listening to the ideas that instigated the concept for TalkBrownNow! ~ here’s the introductory episode:

It would be an incredible honor to learn about some of the problems you’ve solved in your life.

How do you take a break from the task of solving problems?

And what are you hoping to learn over the next solar cycle?

Thank you so much for taking the time to investigate thus far!

Feel free to send me an email if you’re open to the conversation.

I hope y’all are able to stay safe, now and forevermore.



Culture Clap is a trans-racial adoptee creating community tech-tools and resources to help others learn how to code. You can support their work through Patreon; or join their community on Discord.

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